Furo saves 2 hours scheduling meetings

Furo Reduced 2 Hours Scheduling Meetings Using Re:catch — And Here’s How

In South Korea, where the population stands at 50 million, there is an app that has garnered an impressive 34 million daily active users (DAUs). At the helm of this remarkable app called COOV, a vaccination app that has gained widespread adoption across the entire country. At the helm of this remarkable app called COOV is Jaehoon Shim. Now, Shim is embarking on a new venture with Furo, a login page and authentication infrastructure service. We had the opportunity to sit down with Shim and discuss how Re:catch has revolutionized and enhanced their outbound sales scheduling process and time spent scheduling meetings.

Furo, identity access management SaaS

Furo is an identity access management SaaS product that specializes in developing robust digital authentication and identity management infrastructure. In the fast-paced world of startups, it’s easy to overlook the critical aspects of privacy and cybersecurity. However, CEO Jaehoon Shim recognizes the importance of enabling startups to concentrate solely on their core business activities, without the burden of backend security and authentication. Furo aligns with this mission, providing a seamless and reliable solution for startups to ensure their data and user identities are protected.

Why CEO Jaehoon emphasizes time efficiency

Ever since Jaehoon embarked on the development of COOV, he recognized the importance of efficient time management across multiple contexts. This became the cornerstone of his success in building highly secure products. Jaehoon shares how he navigated the complexities of technical, political, diplomatic, and business challenges inherent in running both ventures simultaneously. This necessitated a meticulous optimization of his time, scheduling tasks with precision in 15-minute increments. By prioritizing effective time management, Jaehoon was able to ensure seamless operation and achieve remarkable results.

Furo’s team also recognizes the importance of time-saving measures to enhance overall efficiency, particularly within the realm of B2B sales. They acknowledge that dedicating excessive time to crafting emails results in missed opportunities for potential leads. Moreover, they understand that protracted scheduling processes inevitably lead to delays in securing deals. With this understanding, Furo’s team places a strong emphasis on streamlining these aspects to maximize productivity and expedite the sales cycle.

How Re:catch cut Furo’s scheduling time by 2 hours

This strong need to optimize time efficiency was the driving force behind Furo’s decision to integrate Re:catch into their sales process. Prior to utilizing Re:catch, Furo encountered significant challenges in finding the availability of their sales representatives, coordinating with leads, and engaging in endless email exchanges. Instead of dedicating their time to conducting actual meetings and preparing sales strategies, they found themselves spending hours solely on scheduling with leads.

Re:catch revolutionized this predicament. “Re:catch automated all scheduling tasks, reducing our time investment by at least 2 hours per week,” Jaehoon confidently shared. With Re:catch, the team no longer wasted valuable time engaging in back-and-forth email communications, making phone calls, rescheduling appointments, and constantly checking their team calendar.

Beyond the time savings, Re:catch also minimized unnecessary context switching. Maintaining a continuous workflow without interruptions and loss of context is a key focus for Furo’s team. Prior to implementing Re:catch, the constant email ping-pong threads often derailed their focus and caused interruptions. However, Jaehoon highlights how Re:catch has enabled them to remain focused on important tasks like running the actual sales meetings without frequent context switching.

Re:catch’s Cultural Alignment with South Korean Work Culture

When it came to meeting scheduling solutions, Jaehoon had previously encountered a major hurdle with his team. “In South Korea, sending a booking link to someone who holds a higher position or is involved in business dealings with you can be perceived as informal and even a bit rude from a cultural standpoint,” Jaehoon emphasized, particularly when engaging with government agencies or large corporations.

However, Re:catch proved to be a game-changer for Furo’s team. It allowed them to not only share booking links but also craft well-polished emails politely suggesting suitable meeting times. These subtle yet significant user experience (UX) details seamlessly aligned with South Korean cultural norms, making the process of suggesting and scheduling meetings with stakeholders appear more courteous. It was no longer perceived as “rude” to include a booking link; instead, it resembled the team extending an invitation while considering the recipient’s schedule and preferences.

Why Re:catch is Furo’s real problem solver

Like many startups, the Furo team places a strong emphasis on extreme time management. Jaehoon’s previous experience of juggling multiple contexts, scheduling events every 15 minutes, has instilled in the team a zero-tolerance policy for wasted time in sales, meetings, and other activities.

Before integrating Re:catch, Jaehoon expressed that there were no viable solutions that effectively addressed their pain points of spending unnecessary hours and experiencing frequent context switching while scheduling sales calls, meetings, and events.

“Re:catch came to us at the perfect time when we were actually facing the problem – it truly solved our pain points,” Jaehoon shared. He emphasized that compared to other products and software they had used, which were merely “nice-to-have,” Re:catch emerged as a genuine problem solver for them.

“Just as Furo enables its customers to focus solely on progressing and scaling without worrying about cybersecurity, Re:catch empowers our team to advance our business without the need for constant context switching and the risk of losing leads and potential customers,” Jaehoon confidently explained the significance of Re:catch to their operations.

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